Mimo & Co forma parte de la guía “Hacia la responsabilidad familiar corporativa” editada por el centro Internacional de trabajo y familia integrado por el IAE Business School e IESE Business School de Navarra. La presentación del libro se realizó el jueves 31 de octubre en el hotel Panamericano en Capital Federal.
Las iniciativas elegidas para participar han sido nuestro preciado Jardin Maternal que se inauguró en 2009, el Plan Crecer del cual estamos orgullosos de compartir con ustedes nuestra primer camada de egresados y nuestros departamentos en Miramar que utilizan distintos empleados a lo largo del año.

Mimo participó en este libro gracias a pertenecer a una red de empresas denominada CONFyE (Centro)

Award to the most familiarly responsible company

In 2011 Mimo & Co was awarded as the Most Familiarly Responsible Company for its initiative in creating Mimo’s Daycare and Kindergarden and a Grow up plan for adults.

The award was given by IAE and the Parents Project of the Buenos Aires city legislature. Some students of the Grow Up plan and mothers of the kindergarden students assisted to receive the prize. We are grateful and we know this day will be forever in our heart.
That is why every year activities are organized to celebrate the “Kids day” with their families, allowing our children to know where their parents work. We also have a Family day for everyone at the company to have fun together.

Mimo & Co is part of “Companies for the children”, an initiative motivated by Arcor, C&A foundations, “Save the children” and Unicef. This companies are committed since 2006 on working together to “improve the actual childhood situation in the country.”



From December 2013 to January 2014 we have participated in a project called “Toy Factory” which was created by “Fundación SI” and is run by Manuel Lozano. “Fundación SI” is a foundation which has as a main objective to promote the social inclusion in the most vulnerable places in Argentina.

Work is done by a great deal of volunteers. Those who sopport this foundation’s work, believe in team work, mix of cultures and groups and in new generations. With the Toy Factory, 6200 toys were fabricated thanks to 5300 volunteers which stopped by and donated their time and dedication.

The Toy Factory, helped those in need to spend a beautiful Christmas and New Years Eve full of love, smiles and hugs.

In mimo we create actions based on solidarity where all our employees can participate in an active way by donating and helping.
For the children’s day we organize team groups that deliver in person all the donations for all the needy.

Last year our donation was for the “Escuela N°9 – María Eva Duarte” and the “Hogar Libertad”. We gave 600 toys, 23 kg of cookies, 450 alfajores, 112 lts of chocolate milk, 18 lts of juice and 3 kg of candy.


Garrahan Foundation

Mimo & co has been sponsoring the Garrahan Foundation since 1997. The company started with actions that resulted into fundraising campaigns and has worn the foundation’s t-shirt with pride since. It has used using all its creativity to transform ideas into these fundraising actions, creating events such as runways, shows, theme party’s made for the little ones, media events, musicals, etc.

With this sponsorship , Mimo & Co upholds one of Garrahan Hospital’s rooms, which is designated for kids that live in the countryside and can’t afford a proper medical pediatric treatment.



The Grow Up Plan’s main aim is to offer our employees the opportunity to complete their secondary studies within the company.

This is why we have two classrooms conditioned for our students to learn inside the working area, creating a better family-work environment and giving all our support as a company to our employees.

We have students within a range of 25 to 55 years old, including all areas, hierarchies and positions.

Since the Grow Up Plan had an amazing acceptance, we recently decided to extend our initiative bringing more values in education for our employee’s families.
This is how Mimo’s Library was born.

Our aim is to keep on helping our employees’ families gathering all the books and learning material they need for their children that are currently studying in a primary or secondary school.



As a consequence of the natural solidary actions our company develops, the board of directors thought that it was a good idea to move one step forward. This is why we started thinking about the future and long term actions that would have a positive impact inside the company.

The idea was brought up with the main objective of giving all working mothers an opportunity to keep on the breast-feeding in a safe, careful, attentive and healthy environment that follows the children’s growing development until their preschool age. We try to transmit the importance of education, solidarity and values.

In Mimo we believe that we can offer the care, safety, attention and affection small children need and we can also be in service of the families and company’s necessities.

This idea is based in understanding that CSR begins with our own employees. Mothers can work in a calm environment knowing that their children are safe, and that is the main objective of our kindergarden.

Mimo & co Kindergarden has 490 mtrs² destined to exclusive attention of babies and small children. Our building has four classrooms, multipurpose room, and open areas for fun and recreation. We have teachers specialized in early childhood, music, sports and a weekly visits of a pediatric doctor.

We have an attendance of boys and girls between 45 days old and three years old inclusive. Mimo’s daycare has almost 40 students.


“Un sol para los chicos” Campaign

UNICEF is the world’s leading organization focusing on children rights, present in more than 190 countries. Working to satisfy their most important needs and to ensure them the best opportunities to develop their capacities.

UNICEF created a fundraising campaigne 17 years ago, and Mimo & Co has participated in this campaign since 2002.

“Tu peso pesa” Campaign

Fundraising by Mimo&Co. Created by selling limited edition T-shirts for the Unicef party event and “tu peso pesa” campaign in all our stores. All the funds go to Unicef entity.

During 2013 we collected $450.000 pesos by the help of our customers during this campaigne.

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